Commercial Concrete Curbing

Your commercial property needs a certain aesthetic appeal. However, much more is involved apart from looks. Safety is paramount. When you neglect the exterior of your commercial property, you expose your clients and guests to hazards that can cost you dearly. A slip or fall after stepping on a loose or broken section of curb can open you up to potential injuries and lawsuits from your guests.

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Why install concrete curbing?

Whenever you are ready to curb your concrete parking lot, call us. We serve clients in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We shall give you a free no obligation quote.

Extruded curbing never loses its appeal

At Curb 2000, we specialize in making residential and commercial property exteriors appealing and safe. We do this by installing high quality concrete curbing with a 32MPA concrete mix with air entrainment and fibers to help prevent cracking and breaking in the future. Our extruded curbing will be of the highest quality. We install it to protect your flowerbeds, lawns and parking lots. Not only do we remove the old broken sections of curbing, we install berar dowels into the asphalt and the ends of the existing curbs and apply a bonding agent to ensure the new sections of curbs don't come loose or break without extensive impact. The decades of experience that we bring to concrete curbing in the Fraser Valley will make you proud of your property. At Curb 2000, we use the latest equipment to customize concrete mixing and meet diverse curb profile needs. We not only aim to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your parking lots and properties, but we also intend to help raise their value.

A professional approach for concrete curbing jobs

From the moment you call or email us to the completion of your project, you will deal with professionals every step of the way. For example, on most jobs, we use bonding agents, fibers, rebar and pins to enhance the durability of the concrete curbs. In some projects, we do not need all those. If you need them, we shall include them in the quotation.

We ensure top quality always

At regular intervals, we have independent agents coming over to test our concrete. We do this to ensure that we give the best product possible to our clients. At 28 days, our concrete mix tests at 32mpa. We have independent agents test our concrete to ensure that we give our clients the best quality all the time. We assess each project individually to see what it needs before quoting.

Benefits of Installing Concrete Curbing with Us

Curb 2000 has a team of experts with collective experience of decades. Therefore, whether your curbing will require straight lines, curved lines or any other style, we will do it for you. Our teams are uniformed and use high visibility vest. We are WCB insured and adhere to all work safe practises.

Clean and fast installation

We do not want to occupy your commercial space for too long. Curb 2000 can do most jobs in 24 hours. If there is a lot of area to curb, we deploy more equipment and manpower. We clean up the site completely so that there is no sign of our having been there apart from the beautiful installation to speak for us. A property with a well-maintained exterior has more value than one with a neglected exterior. Better exterior can raise the resale, rental or lease value of commercial property. Lastly, with the edges of the parking lot clearly marked, the paths and garden edges protected, both drivers and pedestrians are safe while on your property.

No maintenance required

The beauty with having a professional team like ours install your extruded concrete curbing is that it is maintenance-free. Once it is cured, it will only require dusting every now and then. Install and forget. Are you in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley? Call us today on 604-532-2084 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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